“Before I started working with Kamila I had already worked on my limiting beliefs around money a lot, but somehow I still felt stuck. After only 2 sessions, we have already broken through a lot of my remaining beliefs.
Kamila works with body, mind and spirit, which is right up my alley. She combines her coaching skills with NLP, Theta, and Hypnosis making amazing shifts and healing possible. Great things are starting to happen in my life: I am getting rid of what I don’t want and no longer need in my life making room for my purpose to bloom. I’ve almost doubled my Pilates clients in one week and signed on a new coaching client. After our second session, I left “flying” all day long, feeling like a million dollars! I thought if I was any happier, I would explode! The feeling is still present. I feel more confident about my business and my success, which is attracting more business and success. I am so excited to see what the future will bring now.
I thank the universe forever for this beautiful connection and the support I receive from Kamila.
Much gratitude to you, Kamila. You are such a beautiful spirit.
I highly recommend Kamila to anybody, because we ALL have issues around money. “
Sky Handke, Wholeness Coach for Individuals and Businesses Mill Valley, Ca.


“Thank you so much for your presentation a few weeks ago. The goal I focused on was publishing my book and I’m moving forward with a sense of ease. There has been a noticeable shift for which I thank you.”

Thanks! Catherine H.
Healdsburg, Ca.


“I have done a strategic visioning with Kamila and I am still on the path we created for me that day. Her work is powerful and her passion to help support her clients is her driving force.

Thank you Kamila for the work you do. It does wonders for those who are willing to participate.”

Santa Rosa, California


“I met with Kamila to do a Breakthrough session on a problem that I had been dealing with for quite some time. For the last two years, I had been afraid to take the next step and move forward to do the work I knew would truly make me happy and fulfill my every dream. In working with Kamila during our session, she asked me some questions that gave me some interesting insights and “Aha” moments that I had never thought of before. This gave me the insight I needed to understand the bigger picture about my life and why I had visited this pattern in the past without being fully aware of the consequences that it was causing me. Once I understood what and why this particular problem pattern was resurfacing in my life again, I was able to breakthrough it with the help of Kamila and the hypnosis processes we did together. Kamila is an awesome coach and I would highly recommend working with her.
Now as a result of my work with Kamila, I am moving fearlessly forward in the direction of my dreams. I am so much happier and healthier physically, emotionally and spiritually as a result of my work with Kamila. I am so thankful to Kamila for bringing insight and understanding to these stuck patterns within myself. I am so looking forward to living my dreams and fulfilling my goals for the future. Kamila, thank you so much for all your help, you are awesome!”
Sandra Ruggles-Ohman, Ph.D. NLP Trainer and Medical Hypnosis El Dorado Hills, CA


One response to “TESTIMONIALS

  1. I like it!
    I will continue to read “the secrets”.
    It seems to be just what I need right now.

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