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Esoteric Astrology, the economy, and your spiritual growth

Esoteric Astrology, the economy, and your spiritual growth

Since the economic downturn began, so many people have been taking stock of their lives on a deeper level than they normally do, re-evaluating their priorities, and questioning/re-assessing who they are separate from their material wealth, possessions, and security. This is one of the positive outcomes of this economic stress.

In light of this, for those who have an interest in esoteric astrology, I direct you to this month’s news from Astrologer Lynn Hayes: http://www.astrodynamics.com

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The Science of Getting Rich, Part 3

The Science of Getting Rich

The Law of Gratitude

Gratitude is so important and powerful for myriad reasons
; here are a few:
Gratitude allows you to relate to Source, Spirit, God, Universe, whatever term you use for this, in a harmonious way and puts you in unity with the mind of god. This has enormously powerful repercussions. Your mind will be in closer alignment with the mind of god, with Creative Thought, and with the flow of abundance.
Gratitude keeps us from falling prey to competitive thought or thoughts of scarcity.
Gratitude attracts.
You cannot exercise much power without gratitude because gratitude keeps you connected with power. Ditto for happiness.
A grateful mind expects good things, has faith, attracts and receives good things. This serves to increase faith which increases attraction and receiving. You get the idea? Faith is another KEY.

Be grateful for whatever life presents you with. You may not be able to see or appreciate the perfection when what life presents you with appears negative, but it’s all part of your growth if you use it as such. Realize that you have received already; be grateful. Practice saying or writing ” I’m so happy and grateful now that ________”. Fill in the blank as many times as you can. Do this before you go to bed. Do it with your kids. Do it with your partner or spouse. Have a notebook or journal just for this. See how fast you can fill it up. Create a contest in your family or household to see who can fill theirs first. If you have difficulty getting started, go see Slumdog Millionaire. You may feel more grateful for what you have after seeing this film.

Do your best. Each of us will do our best when we are doing our Purpose.

The Science of Getting Rich, Part 2

The Science of Getting Rich, Part 2


Although these posts are about Wallace Wattles’ book, The Science of Getting Rich, I’m reminded of Warren Buffet’s advice: the best investment is the one you make in yourself! Investing in yourself may be a necessary part of being able to step up and play a bigger game than ever before. Most people will need some sort of support to be able to do this. Determine what sort of support you need and don’t hesitate to get it. Most of the calls I get from people interested in working with me are motivated by these people coming to the determination that without support for changing themselves, they will remain where they are, or worse, decline. David Neagle paraphrased Wallace Wattles’ Ch. 14 to explain why so many people are sinking so rapidly financially right now. It’s a much different perspective on these crazy times than you’ll find on the news.

Ch. 14 is all about The Impression of Increase which has to do with the way that spirit within each of us wants to express itself more and more fully. As a result, this energy will either propel you forward or backward depending on your orientation. (See now why I spent so much time in the last post on ways to anchor your orientation of choice?) You will not just stay put. Many people who think they can behave very conservatively and just stay put are finding that it’s not working very well.

The normal desire for increased wealth is a normal human desire for a more abundant life. People are attracted to the individuals that can give them more of the means to this. You are a creative center from which increase is given TO ALL. You are giving constant increase to yourself and to all with whom you deal. You need to convey this, with integrity and conviction, to all and make sure they receive this impression from you that you are an advancing person that you are spreading the wealth. This is KEY to the Impression of Increase and it’s attraction factor. Others will be attracted to you and your business because they will feel that in associating with you, they will experience increase themselves. Give all greater value than the cash value you receive from them. If you always do these things, your business will increase rapidly. You’ll be able to secure greater advantages and continue to spread the benefits.

Through all of this, hold onto your vision and your purpose. Lift others and bring them along. “What I want for myself, I want for everybody”. This line is in the book and it’s the same thought that motivated me to change professions and create Money Mastery and this blog!

stay tuned: next post: The Law of Gratitude. You really don’t want to miss this!