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Esoteric Astrology, the economy, and your spiritual growth

Esoteric Astrology, the economy, and your spiritual growth

Since the economic downturn began, so many people have been taking stock of their lives on a deeper level than they normally do, re-evaluating their priorities, and questioning/re-assessing who they are separate from their material wealth, possessions, and security. This is one of the positive outcomes of this economic stress.

In light of this, for those who have an interest in esoteric astrology, I direct you to this month’s news from Astrologer Lynn Hayes: http://www.astrodynamics.com

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Money, Income, Life Purpose and the Chakras – Part 2

Money, Income, Life Purpose and the Chakras – Part 2

In the last post, I talked about needing to work through the issues of the first 3 chakras in order to gain autonomy, individuation, an internal sense of security, to connect with others, have relationships, offer your creativity and receive material rewards for it. All of that must happen in order to gain clarity about your desire and your purpose.

The chakra system is the spiritual link between purpose and profit. You’ll conquer your issues and your obstacles, make decisions, offer your gifts, take responsibility to get your gifts to as many people as possible.

The 4th chakra is about following your bliss- this will lead you to your purpose. Do what you love and combine it with a sound business plan. Passion + Purpose + Plan = Profit. Having done the work on issues around the first 3 chakras, you can really get behind yourself, be effective, balanced and creative and do the work you love while getting paid for it.

The 5th chakra is about knowing your core message and getting it out to a wide audience. The money is in your message so get it out as widely as possible. Many entrepreneurs’ success is hampered by their aversion or resistance to marketing. When it’s the message linked to your purpose, it becomes sharing and offering rather than marketing or selling.

The 6th chakra is about the decision-making and evolution-causing part of the brain. The transformational power of decisions leads to unstoppable wealth. Make the decision to be hugely successful, wealthy, philanthropic, or all 3. Pareto’s Principle applies here too: 80% of decisions are made in the moment. 20% require deliberation or research.

The 7th chakra connects you with the divine. When you get yourself aligned with this energy, you become a channel for energy and it bypasses the ego! How cool is that?! I LOVE this. Get connected; stay connected. Life and work are soooo much easier this way; more fun too. Helpful hint: stop multi-tasking; it interferes with this connection. Inspiration = spirit comes in.

Our souls have a non-negotiable desire for life purpose. Your auric field holds your life purpose. Success is an inside job; BE the person you are meant to be. Now is a good time to begin. How well you’re doing with each of the chakras determines how bright your energy is and how immediate your manifesting will be. We emit a very clear frequency when we clear out the baggage; then people and opportunities are attracted to us. Re-write your story, dump the heavy baggage, cultivate bright new energy. Theta, NLP, Coaching and Hypnosis are great tools for this. I know this because I use them on myself- not just on my clients.  I am living proof.  When you are BEING your purpose, everything will happen! Since I made the simultaneous decisions to BE my purpose,  invest myself 100% in my coaching/training business and to end my unfulfilling romantic relationship, there has been a confluence of grace, resources, and opportunities that exceeded my hopes and expectations!  Everything is happening!

Money, Income, Life Purpose and the Chakras

Money, Income, Life Purpose and the Chakras

Does this sound like a question from one of those tests where you pick the one item that does not go with all the others? Well, it’s not. These things all have a very strong relationship to each other.

If you’ve been reading my blog, you’re familiar with how life purpose relates to money and income. If you haven’t, I’ll wait while you read the 5 part series on The Secret to Increasing Your Income More Easily and Enjoying Yourself in the Process. In addition to what’s stated in that series, the chakras (7 energy centers in the body) all need to be spinning optimally to have no limit to your potential income.

Interestingly, each chakra corresponds to issues that affect your bank balance and your potential income. As I always say, when you handlle your money issues (this includes issues around work, income, debt, saving, investing, and purpose), your relationship with money transforms and your entire life transforms as well!

Here’s a quick run through:

  • 1st chakra: has to do with your tribe or family, their mentality, beliefs, and patterns; security and survival, and connection. Our income reflects the degree to which we play it safe versus rocking the boat wrt our tribe/family. TIP: create your own tribe that resonates who you truly are and allows you to transform rather than conform.
  • 2nd chakra: has to do with relationships with self, with others, with creativity. Your comfort level with each of those 3 relationships directly affects your income. Your ability to receive income is proportional to your capacity to put your creativity out in the world. If apathy or procrastination is part of your experience, there’s some work to do around releasing your creativity and offering it to the world and getting paid for it. Passion pays!
  • 3rd chakra: has to do with strength, stamina, fortitude, courage, individuating, the I AM, staying true to your boundaries, standards and purpose. Your self-care (diet, sleep, exercise, relaxation, quietude, reflection, recreation, and fun) is reflected in your bank balance. Now, are we all motivated to take better care of ourselves? It’s essential to claim your inner power and put yourself FIRST! No, it’s not selfish; it’s the most generous thing you can do since it allows you to give more.

In order to gain clarity about your desire and your purpose, it’s necessary to work through all issues pertaining to the first 3 chakras. You must acquire autonomy from your family, heal any wounds resulting from said family, and move on. Create new tribe that supports your true self and it’s purpose. Connect with with your creativity and exchange it for money. Relate to others, develop good boundaries in your personal and professional interactions, have good relationships.

Stay tuned for Part 2.

How Does the Proposed Wall Street Bailout Affect Your Security?

How Does the Proposed Wall Street Bailout Affect Your Security?

The events of this week and the uncertainty about the future that they engender make one thing crystal clear: Our only security is what is intrinsically part of us and cannot be lost, stolen, or destroyed.  Our inner qualities, capacities, and knowing are secure within us.  Our integrated confidence in our own abilities to create and offer meaningful, purpose-filled products and services that serve the world and serve humanity is how that security manifests.

Our external circumstances, environment, investment accounts, relationships and more can change or fall away in an instant, but as long as we continue to believe in our divine capacity to contribute… and to live happy, fulfilling, fabulous lives … we remain open to the opportunities that exist at exactly the same time as any perceived crisis.

Perhaps more so than any other time since the late 80s, this is the time to INVEST in OURSELVES – in cleaning out and up-leveling our internal belief and guidance structures – so that no matter the shifts in our economic or political environment we become and remain true to our unique gifts and are able to stay the course to fully express these gifts. By clearing out limiting beliefs, developing constructive habits, remaining calm and grounded, taking purposeful steps, getting and staying in alignment with our inner compass, clearing obstacles to our personal power, we increase our security and our chances of not only surviving but THRIVING now and into the future! This is how many entrepreneurs will achieve massive success in the next 12 months regardless of the circumstances covered by the news media.
The mainstream news is very negative lately (as it is usually), yet so many great things are truly happening all over the world at any given time- it’s just that few ever get to hear about those things. I urge you to focus on where you want to be going and realize that with the law of polarity in place, when you hear of bad times, there is also tremendous good happening and it’s your choice which one will affect your life, your consciousness, and your purpose. There are no victims – only participants.  What we put our attention on expands.  What do you want to expand?  Put your attention there and keep it there.  The benevolent forces in the universe WILL be with you.