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Esoteric Astrology, the economy, and your spiritual growth

Esoteric Astrology, the economy, and your spiritual growth

Since the economic downturn began, so many people have been taking stock of their lives on a deeper level than they normally do, re-evaluating their priorities, and questioning/re-assessing who they are separate from their material wealth, possessions, and security. This is one of the positive outcomes of this economic stress.

In light of this, for those who have an interest in esoteric astrology, I direct you to this month’s news from Astrologer Lynn Hayes: http://www.astrodynamics.com

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Create Time Abundance in your business and in your life

Create Time Abundance in your business and in your life

I write about our relationship with money, Money Mastery, and how it interrelates with our life purpose, our happiness, fulfillment, and enjoyment of life as well as our success and self-expression.

I believe our relationship with time is at the core of what allows us to be successful, fulfilled and living our deepest purpose. Many of us get stuck in time-related traps. We struggle with too many things on our to-do list. We get overwhelmed in our work. And we can’t find time for our most important priorities and for living our purpose.

When we are able to be fully present and engaged with what moves our lives and businesses towards our desired destination, magic happens:

· We feel alive
· We create unimaginable prosperity
· We feel open to possibility
· Even effort feels effortless

There is one person that really fully embodies this way of being: Satyen Raja.

So I want to share with you an opportunity to learn from Satyen Raja about Time Mastery and Time Abundance. It won’t cost you a cent! That’s right; it’s free! And it’s at lunchtime…..does that make it a free lunch? And you don’t have to go anywhere; it’s a teleclass offered by Bill Baren. You may recall that I recommended his Time Mastery Telesummit last year.
You’ll walk away from this call having a deep knowing of what Time Abundance truly is – as simple and powerful as that.

So, are you ready to create Time Abundance in your business and in your life? If so, Register for this rare interview with Satyen Raja on being a master of your time here: http://www.billbaren.com/interview/satyen.html
It will not cost you anything to participate. Your only investment is your time.

This ONE-TIME FREE TeleExperience takes place on Thursday, April 2nd at 12 noon Pacific Time/3:00pm Eastern Time.

I hope you can make it live on the call. If not, they’ll be sending out the recording to all who registered.