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Wayne Dyer: Excuses Begone

Wayne Dyer: Excuses Begone

Wayne Dyer’s new book: Excuses Begone gives readers 18 affirmations to antidote 18 of the most common excuses and gives a 6 part exercise to do on the excuses that you use.

Here are some snippets:

Don’t underestimate your ability to change.

Fulfill your passion and your purpose by eliminating all excuses.  Simply accept no excuses from yourself.

You can change your DNA by changing your perception.

Passion within you is god speaking.

The effectiveness of The Placebo Effect is due to the power of belief and due to thoughts becoming things.

Never let money keep you from living your dharma or your purpose.

Don’t let rules stop you.  Practice civil disobedience.

“With god, all things are possible”- this means EVERYTHING; nothing is excluded!

All excuses are the result of misalignment.

Can you imagine God/Source saying “I’m too tired” or “I don’t have enough time”?

If your thoughts match Source/God, you have the same power as Source, you set into motion the creative forces in the Universe, and you attract Divine Mind.

Make your #1 relationship your relationship with the divine.

Allow the divine to work it’s magic.

Suspend all blame, take full responsibility, surrender to what’s bigger than you, be willing to transform, shed EVERYTHING you’ve been unwilling to do.

It’s never too late.  many people have created highly successful careers and businesses after midlife.

Carl Jung said: “Our greatest problems are not to be solved but to be outgrown”.

See the hidden blessings in the challenges you have.

Feelings are your manifesters!


Money, Income, Life Purpose and the Chakras – Part 2

Money, Income, Life Purpose and the Chakras – Part 2

In the last post, I talked about needing to work through the issues of the first 3 chakras in order to gain autonomy, individuation, an internal sense of security, to connect with others, have relationships, offer your creativity and receive material rewards for it. All of that must happen in order to gain clarity about your desire and your purpose.

The chakra system is the spiritual link between purpose and profit. You’ll conquer your issues and your obstacles, make decisions, offer your gifts, take responsibility to get your gifts to as many people as possible.

The 4th chakra is about following your bliss- this will lead you to your purpose. Do what you love and combine it with a sound business plan. Passion + Purpose + Plan = Profit. Having done the work on issues around the first 3 chakras, you can really get behind yourself, be effective, balanced and creative and do the work you love while getting paid for it.

The 5th chakra is about knowing your core message and getting it out to a wide audience. The money is in your message so get it out as widely as possible. Many entrepreneurs’ success is hampered by their aversion or resistance to marketing. When it’s the message linked to your purpose, it becomes sharing and offering rather than marketing or selling.

The 6th chakra is about the decision-making and evolution-causing part of the brain. The transformational power of decisions leads to unstoppable wealth. Make the decision to be hugely successful, wealthy, philanthropic, or all 3. Pareto’s Principle applies here too: 80% of decisions are made in the moment. 20% require deliberation or research.

The 7th chakra connects you with the divine. When you get yourself aligned with this energy, you become a channel for energy and it bypasses the ego! How cool is that?! I LOVE this. Get connected; stay connected. Life and work are soooo much easier this way; more fun too. Helpful hint: stop multi-tasking; it interferes with this connection. Inspiration = spirit comes in.

Our souls have a non-negotiable desire for life purpose. Your auric field holds your life purpose. Success is an inside job; BE the person you are meant to be. Now is a good time to begin. How well you’re doing with each of the chakras determines how bright your energy is and how immediate your manifesting will be. We emit a very clear frequency when we clear out the baggage; then people and opportunities are attracted to us. Re-write your story, dump the heavy baggage, cultivate bright new energy. Theta, NLP, Coaching and Hypnosis are great tools for this. I know this because I use them on myself- not just on my clients.  I am living proof.  When you are BEING your purpose, everything will happen! Since I made the simultaneous decisions to BE my purpose,  invest myself 100% in my coaching/training business and to end my unfulfilling romantic relationship, there has been a confluence of grace, resources, and opportunities that exceeded my hopes and expectations!  Everything is happening!

Money, Income, Life Purpose and the Chakras

Money, Income, Life Purpose and the Chakras

Does this sound like a question from one of those tests where you pick the one item that does not go with all the others? Well, it’s not. These things all have a very strong relationship to each other.

If you’ve been reading my blog, you’re familiar with how life purpose relates to money and income. If you haven’t, I’ll wait while you read the 5 part series on The Secret to Increasing Your Income More Easily and Enjoying Yourself in the Process. In addition to what’s stated in that series, the chakras (7 energy centers in the body) all need to be spinning optimally to have no limit to your potential income.

Interestingly, each chakra corresponds to issues that affect your bank balance and your potential income. As I always say, when you handlle your money issues (this includes issues around work, income, debt, saving, investing, and purpose), your relationship with money transforms and your entire life transforms as well!

Here’s a quick run through:

  • 1st chakra: has to do with your tribe or family, their mentality, beliefs, and patterns; security and survival, and connection. Our income reflects the degree to which we play it safe versus rocking the boat wrt our tribe/family. TIP: create your own tribe that resonates who you truly are and allows you to transform rather than conform.
  • 2nd chakra: has to do with relationships with self, with others, with creativity. Your comfort level with each of those 3 relationships directly affects your income. Your ability to receive income is proportional to your capacity to put your creativity out in the world. If apathy or procrastination is part of your experience, there’s some work to do around releasing your creativity and offering it to the world and getting paid for it. Passion pays!
  • 3rd chakra: has to do with strength, stamina, fortitude, courage, individuating, the I AM, staying true to your boundaries, standards and purpose. Your self-care (diet, sleep, exercise, relaxation, quietude, reflection, recreation, and fun) is reflected in your bank balance. Now, are we all motivated to take better care of ourselves? It’s essential to claim your inner power and put yourself FIRST! No, it’s not selfish; it’s the most generous thing you can do since it allows you to give more.

In order to gain clarity about your desire and your purpose, it’s necessary to work through all issues pertaining to the first 3 chakras. You must acquire autonomy from your family, heal any wounds resulting from said family, and move on. Create new tribe that supports your true self and it’s purpose. Connect with with your creativity and exchange it for money. Relate to others, develop good boundaries in your personal and professional interactions, have good relationships.

Stay tuned for Part 2.


Let’s say you’re fortunate enough to have a sense of your purpose.  Now what?  It’s not all downhill cruising from here.  You’re likely to meet up with resistance internally and externally. People resist consciously and unconsciously. The reason we resist is fear, for a few reasons: 1. We know that it is a road we must travel alone. Even if others are going with us, we now answer to a higher call and must follow that inner guidance. 2. Many people will not and cannot understand what we experience because they have not experienced it themselves so we must seek out people who understand the process so we can relate our experience. 3. We have an ego.

Your ego, the part of you that you think of as “I”, makes choices and takes action in the world. It is responsible for your safety. One of the primary ways that the ego ensures safety is to maintain the status quo.  The ego is not keen on any growth or change that diminishes the ego’s hold on you or reality as it knows it.  Your ego isn’t going to let you find or pursue your purpose if it thinks that it is or will be unsafe from it’s perspective.

You’re probably aware of your desire to know your purpose, or you wouldn’t be reading this.  Are you also aware of the part of you that DOESN’T want to know your purpose, or is AFRAID of knowing your purpose? If not, sense into it. Watch what arises in you as you entertain notions such as: “what if my purpose tells me to change jobs?”, “What if my purpose doesn’t involve making a good living?”.

Our fears come from our attachments and resistance to step into the truth and accept it’s reality.

Stay tuned for Part 4



Discovering your life’s purpose requires choices. The
two most important choices are these: Do I want to know what my
life’s purpose is? And, having discovered my purpose, do I want to
live my life in a way that is consistent with that purpose? However, in contemplating whether to discover one’s purpose, people may fear that which is unknown to them. Contained within this unknown, though, is the part of you that already knows your purpose and how to fulfill it.

In order for us to manifest our purpose, we must be properly trained. Fortunately, the soul develops and executes our training plan. It does this by influencing our decisions and helping us to choose things that will develop us in ways that serve our purpose.
The soul also “arranges” experiences for us that will cause us to grow and develop. These experiences can often be unpleasant, such as car accidents, being fired or laid off, and losing loved ones. However, it is most often our “worst” experiences that can teach us the most. The soul doesn’t cause these things to happen in the normal sense, but often steers us toward learning opportunities that our ego would naturally avoid. Along the way, as we try out different things, we act in ways that are in alignment with our fundamental purpose, and also in ways that are not. While we are usually unaware of the purpose itself, these two ways of behaving feel very different to us when we reflect on our actions and behaviors.

By looking back over our lives and reviewing the qualities of our previous experiences, we may see that there were sets of qualities of experience that correspond to times when we were on-purpose and other sets of experiences that correspond to times when we were off-purpose. By looking for similarities in those times or events, we can draw conclusions about our purpose.
We’re looking for times when we felt fulfilled, passionate, intensely alive, thoroughly utilized, that we make a difference, when things happen easily and seemingly chance coincidences occur to support our goals and projects, and our efforts produce results, as well as times when there is serendipity, flow or grace. At such times, it’s as though the wind is at our backs and is moving us along with very little sense of efforting on our part. The process is enjoyable even if it’s challenging, and we aren’t concerned about having enough energy or motivation to achieve our objectives. These are the times when we are ON PURPOSE although we may not be aware of our purpose as it’s occuring. When we are doing things in our life that support our purpose, our soul and life gives us positive feedback.

When we are out of alignment with our purpose, it feels very
different. We find obstacles at every turn. We have to muster up the energy and the will to follow through and complete things. There is a sense of swimming upstream or walking headlong into the wind and having to effort to move forward at all. We don’t enjoy the process much of the time. We are not satisfied by our accomplishments, or the satisfaction is fleeting. We wonder, at times, why we’re doing what we’re doing, and imagine greener pastures. I call this experience “slogging through mud”.




No, this is not from one of those late-night infomercials on T.V.
This is about doing work you love, work you were meant to do, and earning money more easily as a result. This is the connection between money and life purpose.

“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy!”
—Mevlana Rumi

What do I mean by “life purpose”? I mean it as an answer to questions like:
• Why am I here?
• How can I, given who I am, best serve humanity/the world?
• What am I meant to do?
• What lights me up from the inside more than anything else?
• What work would I want to do if earning a living wasn’t an issue?

Many people aren’t aware of their purpose and may think that they just don’t have a purpose. The good news is that everyone has a purpose, yes, even you. What’s more, you don’t need to go searching for your purpose; it is already inside you. It has been guiding you your whole life, whether you are aware of it or not.

Knowing your purpose can dramatically enhance your experience of
life. Purpose-driven people experience more fulfillment, more
success, and often greater financial rewards than other people.

Paradoxically, people who set out to live their purpose often make
more money than people who set out to make money! This is because we are better at doing our purpose than we are at doing anything else and because we tap into the resources of the universe when we are pursuing our purpose. Some liken it to having the wind at their back. They may be applying themselves intensely to their work, but there’s a greater sense of ease and flow than when they do other work that has no relation to their purpose.

Another incentive for knowing and fulfilling your purpose may be anticipating how you want to feel at the end of your life: to be able to look back on your life with a sense of satisfaction, knowing that you gave it your all, and that your life made a difference and had some significance in a way that’s meaningful to you. Dying people rarely regret the things they did; they more often regret the things they didn’t do and having a sense of having not fulfilled their purpose.