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Success or Failure: Perspective, Beliefs and Persistence

Success or Failure: Perspective, Beliefs and Persistence

Change your beliefs = change your results!

All failure begins this way:
People start out with high hopes about fulfilling their dreams, their life purpose, being successful, becoming balanced, happy and fulfilled, becoming wealthy,etc….., but when their perception of their circumstances suggests a lesser outcome is more likely (perhaps  an unexpected obstacle arises), their reaction becomes the initial seed of failure. This process destroys the dreams of countless people.  One of the myriad benefits of getting life purpose coaching or Money Mastery coaching is that the coach will help you to see the obstacles for what they are and hold you accountable to pursuing and fulfilling the dreams or intentions you initially brought to your coach.
Take a look at how this process works:
1. We all have two parts in our thinking: One is our dream or goal, and the second is the belief (conscious or subconscious limiting belief) that it might not ever happen. This is where most people start out.  This is like driving with the parking brake on- the parking brake makes it extremely difficult to move forward much less achieve acceleration or transformation.  It takes tremendous effort on the engine’s part, consumes a tremendous amount of fuel in order to move forward AND it’s highly stressful and will create damage.  In this analogy, we can all see that it makes no sense to operate a car this way.  Yet, many of us do attempt to operate our lives and our businesses this way and we wonder why we don’t succeed or why we can’t do everything needed to succeed.  We wonder why our spiritual, personal, and economic growth is slow or difficult.  So often it’s a case of looking at only half of the equation (the doing half) and forgetting the other half: WHO/HOW you have to BE to succeed.

2. Next, something begins to spark or inspire a person to take action on their dream, their life purpose, or their mission. Yet, not having a full understanding of the Laws of Success, they may not be aware of or receptive to the changes, the personal and spiritual growth required to realize their dream outcome.  Many individuals are not open to growth and change; this shows up as resistance.

3. Their subconscious may manifest an obstacle to keep them from experiencing anything “new” – a pre-requisite for moving forward.  This new challenge is perceived as a point of failure.
It is at this point in a person’s journey where moving forward becomes too painful or fearful, and a person usually chooses to stay “safe”, to remain in the realm of what they’ve known and are comfortable with.  This is known as one’s comfort zone. Being willing to move out of one’s comfort zone allows one to move forward, see the bigger win they are hoping for, and move into the growth and change necessary!
For any kind of change to occur, some sort of shift is necessary. Your beliefs control your perception of everything in your world, which in turn creates your reality. If you want to change your results, you must change your beliefs AND shift your perception. Until you shift your perception and your beliefs, you will continue to make choices that keep you where you are.  Without such a shift, you will likely feel defeated and give up on your dreams.
In theory, it’s really simple … but in practice, many people find it difficult because they really don’t understand all beliefs are nothing but illusions anyway. These illusions are so strong people think that they are real and they lack the knowledge, training or guidance to transform their beliefs.
The power of belief is astounding. I encourage you to study its mysteries for yourself and see what changes you truly do have the power to make.  Want some help?  I have powerful graceful tools to facilitate your transformation.  Contact me: kamila@MoneyMastery.us


The Economy and Mahashivaratri: Fears and Beliefs Point the Way to Growth and Healing

The Economy and Mahashivaratri: Fears and Beliefs Point the Way to Growth and Healing

Right now, many people think that having plenty of money would make them feel whole because their sense of security is being threatened by their belief in a failing economy. This is actually a very good indicator of where their belief really is. Your fear and insecurity is always pointing the way to your healing as a spiritual being. What do you fear? If it’s a lack of security, then you believe in the idea that money and business comes FROM people instead of THROUGH people.

There is only one source of supply – God/Source/Universe/Spirit- whatever term works for you. No situation or circumstance can change that truth.
No matter what it is that you secretly desire, if you believe that it will come from God/Source/Universe/Spirit (and NOT from other people), it can be yours. If you believe that, you can be At Cause rather than At Effect (see previous posts about these terms), you can utilize Universal Laws such as the Law of Attraction. Beliefs are KEY! Your success with anything is dependent upon your beliefs. If you have conflicting beliefs, even at the subconscious level, your chances of success are undermined. NLP, Hypnosis and Theta Healing are great ways to resolve such conflicting beliefs!

I filmed a video on Friday for my soon-to-launch website for my business, Money Mastery. Some clients came in to film testimonials about working with me. One of them talked about discovering in our work together how many limiting beliefs he had been unaware of. As we uncovered these beliefs and resolved them, his entire life began to shift and improve- even in areas that we weren’t directly addressing. How cool is that? It frequently happens! That’s the power of using quantum physics in my processes with clients.

Today is Maha Shivratri, the night of the worship of Shiva. It occurs on the 14th night of the new moon during the dark half of the month of Phalguna (Feb / March). It’s the darkest of all the new moons. It’s a time when Hindus offer special prayer to the lord of destruction. I study Anusara yoga with an amazing teacher, Laura Christensen. In talking about the auspiciousness of this day, she said it’s a good time to release what you don’t want to make space for what you do want (I say it’s ALWAYS a good day to do that!), and to clarify your intentions. Get crystal clear on what it is that you want. Allow yourself to FEEL what it will be like when it comes to fruition. Allow yourself to feel your longing and desire. Don’t hold back. No one is watching. This is the day to really let yourself feel it.
Rather than using the words “I want ______” Use the words “May it be”. For example: rather than saying “I want a great job.” , say:”May I have the right job for me at this time.”

May we all have the fruition of our hearts’ deepest desires!

Personal Responsibility = Being “At Cause”

Personal Responsibility = Being “At Cause” in NLP-speak

Take time to seriously consider one central tenant in NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming): Personal Responsibility.
This may be an elusive concept for some people; it was for me. Although I thought that I took responsibility for my stuff, my actions and inactions, I really couldn’t keep straight Being At Cause and Being At Effect- I had a certain denseness around understanding these concepts. That was a clue to me.
I learned NLP from Christopher Howard. He and his staff would frequently refer to whether one was At Cause or At Effect. It wasn’t until I was listening to David Neagle’s Art of Success series (which gets my highest recommendation and you just can’t beat the price: free!) that it really clicked for me. Since then, I’ve had many little and big epiphanies related to this understanding and some significant shifts personally and professionally.

I invite you to ask yourself: In what areas of my life am I bucking responsibility for my present circumstances, results, feelings and decisions? If there is anything that I am unhappy with, or that I feel is less than what I truly desire, how have I given away my power to change that situation by waiting for others or circumstances to change or come to my rescue?

In this country there is nothing that you desire that you cannot be, do or have. However, it is up to you to claim it for your own. It is up to you to identify and change that which holds you back. It is up to you to create the life you dream of. You are solely responsible for the state of your life. We can truly transform our lives if we simply take responsibility, make the decision, and take the appropriate actions.

You are powerful and there is nothing that you cannot change if you have the desire to do so!!

I recommend getting a great coach to assist you in the process. Most great coaches have coaches themselves. In my last session with my coach, we were talking about being “At Cause”. She commented on how much progress she’s witnessed in me in the past year. I replied that it has a lot to do with finally “groking” the concept of Personal Responsibility and taking action based on my new understanding and resultant willingness to be completely honest with myself about some things that I had had rationalizations for; this one shift has significantly changed my relationship to my business, my health, my personal life, and my relationships. My friends and colleagues have noticed the difference in me too. YEAH! 🙂

Give it a try. What have you got to lose?

Using NLP for fears such as Mc Cain, Palin, arachnophobia or the Stock Market

Using NLP for fears such as arachnophobia or the Stock Market

Yes, NLP can be used for fears about everything from arachnophobia to fears about what’s going on in the current market.

With Halloween quickly approaching, it seems an appropriate time to address a common, but often ignored, issue- arachnophobia.

Is your first reaction when seeing a spider usually one of fear? If your answer is yes, then you’re not alone — fear of spiders affects millions of people. A survey in England suggests that size, color and leg length are important reasons offered for the fright, with the threat of sudden movement by a spider being the most important, and most chilling, aspect.

Now, arachnophobia can be a mild, inconvenient nagging, or it can be so intense as to trigger a full-blown panic attack. These strongest responses are an automatic, unconscious response, meaning it is completely beyond conscious control. These responses are often the result of a distressing encounter with a spider in childhood, though the original incident may be long forgotten.

So, what can you do to stop this fear? Until recently, desensitization was the typical approach, involving gradual exposure to spiders. Another, newer, approach is to relive the moment when the spider phobia was accidentally acquired and remove the negative feeling. While this is less painful than desensitization, it can still be unpleasant.

Here is a simple formula that will work miracles without any discomfort. Try it on yourself, or call an NLP professional for a session.

1. Put yourself in a really comfortable and safe place. Breathe deeply and rhythmically.
2. In your mind’s eye, imagine a spider flashing on a white screen for a second. Keep breathing and imagine relaxing.
3. Let another spider flash in your imagination for 2 seconds. Relax and breathe evenly.
4. Think of the friendliest, most harmless creature you can envision.
5. Slowly morph it into a spider, while keeping the feeling of harmlessness in your mind.
6. Keep going back and forth between the friendly creature and the spider until you can imagine the spider without any fear. If any of the fear remains, call an NLP Practitioner ( me).

Election Day 2008: Is there any point in trying?

Election Day 2008: Is there any point in trying?

Stop Trying; It’s Useless.
Trying creates enormous conflict between people and even within individuals.  The word “try” is loaded with built-in failure. When Luke says that he will try, Yoda corrects him, “No!  Do or do not.  There is no try.”  This is one of the most simple, straightforward, and yet powerful lessons we can take from a linguistic source.  In reality, as opposed to the conceptual world, there actually is no such thing as “try.”  The clash between the conceptual “try” and the real world “do or do not” is where the conflict is born.

Here is an experiment I’ve done with clients to give them the physical experience of knowing the word “try” to be an impossible real world action.  Put a pen on a table in front of you.  Now, “try” to move the pen.  Don’t move it.  I am not saying to move the pen.  The instructions are specifically to try to move it.  What does that require of you?  How do you go about trying to do something, rather than go about doing it?  What is different?  Does this seem a little ridiculous?  Why doesn’t it always seem ridiculous?  Why do we even use the word try?  It’s what I call a “squirm” word; the back door is built-in and wide open for our escape.

Okay, this isn’t entirely fair.  There are times when we’re not sure if we can do something.  What then?  Well this is where you can actually have some impact on the outcome, through the wonders of Conscious Communication.  We know that we can’t just say don’t use the word try, as that creates a void, which is as useless as “don’t think of a pink elephant.”  We need a replacement phrase, like “do think of a blue elephant.”  Without changing the meaning, we can choose words that will shift our consciousness toward successful achievement.  Rather than, “I’ll try,” we can say, “I’ll do the best I can.”

Too simple?  There’s the beauty of it.  Give this exercise some practice.  There are several built-in motivators within this phrase, and you’ll be surprised by the impact it has on you and others. First there is the statement “I’ll do,” setting up a promise/commitment, and a foregone conclusion of success.  Then you add the quality of the effort you are going to bring to this commitment: “the best.”  “I’ll do the best.”  This gets followed by another affirmation of foregone success and belief in oneself: “I can.”  Put all three pieces together, and you have “I’ll do the best I can.”  This may not sound all that different from “I’ll try,” but stick with this practice for even a few days, and you’ll notice a distinct difference in your level of success.

This post was written by Ian Blei, Director of the Integral Enneagram Institute and President of Optimized Results http://www.optimized-results.com

Ian and I see much of the world in very similar ways.

Check out his book Kind Ambition.


Money, Income, Life Purpose and the Chakras – Part 2

Money, Income, Life Purpose and the Chakras – Part 2

In the last post, I talked about needing to work through the issues of the first 3 chakras in order to gain autonomy, individuation, an internal sense of security, to connect with others, have relationships, offer your creativity and receive material rewards for it. All of that must happen in order to gain clarity about your desire and your purpose.

The chakra system is the spiritual link between purpose and profit. You’ll conquer your issues and your obstacles, make decisions, offer your gifts, take responsibility to get your gifts to as many people as possible.

The 4th chakra is about following your bliss- this will lead you to your purpose. Do what you love and combine it with a sound business plan. Passion + Purpose + Plan = Profit. Having done the work on issues around the first 3 chakras, you can really get behind yourself, be effective, balanced and creative and do the work you love while getting paid for it.

The 5th chakra is about knowing your core message and getting it out to a wide audience. The money is in your message so get it out as widely as possible. Many entrepreneurs’ success is hampered by their aversion or resistance to marketing. When it’s the message linked to your purpose, it becomes sharing and offering rather than marketing or selling.

The 6th chakra is about the decision-making and evolution-causing part of the brain. The transformational power of decisions leads to unstoppable wealth. Make the decision to be hugely successful, wealthy, philanthropic, or all 3. Pareto’s Principle applies here too: 80% of decisions are made in the moment. 20% require deliberation or research.

The 7th chakra connects you with the divine. When you get yourself aligned with this energy, you become a channel for energy and it bypasses the ego! How cool is that?! I LOVE this. Get connected; stay connected. Life and work are soooo much easier this way; more fun too. Helpful hint: stop multi-tasking; it interferes with this connection. Inspiration = spirit comes in.

Our souls have a non-negotiable desire for life purpose. Your auric field holds your life purpose. Success is an inside job; BE the person you are meant to be. Now is a good time to begin. How well you’re doing with each of the chakras determines how bright your energy is and how immediate your manifesting will be. We emit a very clear frequency when we clear out the baggage; then people and opportunities are attracted to us. Re-write your story, dump the heavy baggage, cultivate bright new energy. Theta, NLP, Coaching and Hypnosis are great tools for this. I know this because I use them on myself- not just on my clients.  I am living proof.  When you are BEING your purpose, everything will happen! Since I made the simultaneous decisions to BE my purpose,  invest myself 100% in my coaching/training business and to end my unfulfilling romantic relationship, there has been a confluence of grace, resources, and opportunities that exceeded my hopes and expectations!  Everything is happening!

Freedom from Limiting Beliefs

Freedom from Limiting Beliefs

Here’s the process in a nutshell:

Step 1 Identify the limiting beliefs that are holding
you back.
Step 2 Create new empowering replacement beliefs.
Step 3 Remove the limiting belief file from your
subconscious mind.
Step 4 Release the ’emotional glue’ that surrounds and
compounds your limiting belief.
Step 5 Install your new positive belief in your
subconscious mind.
Step 6 Strengthen your new beliefs with simple exercises.

Make sure the ones you hold on to are aligned to your
visions and dreams and the magnificent truth of who
you are.

It’s not rocket science, but it is difficult to do alone or without great tools. My work with clients draws on several modalities and allows them to clear old beliefs at the subconscious level for real and lasting change and creates new neural pathways for the new beliefs and the behaviors that go along with them. It’s very liberating and exhilarating. Some may think this odd, but it’s my idea of a great time. After decades of working on myself, I decided to work on others as well. It’s equally fun and exhilarating! Accelerated change is thrilling. If you feel the same, leave a comment or call me to schedule a session.