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Internal Spring Cleaning to transform your beliefs and habits

Internal Spring Cleaning to transform your beliefs and habits

Oh, how I love spring! I love the freshness, the growth in nature, the renewal after a long winter, a fresh slate, a new start,….. This weekend I worked a lot on my landscape: first pulling weeds that had grown between the cobblestones and then re-setting cobblestones and filling the cracks so weeds will not be able to grow there again. For me, this is actually much much more than just landscaping, it’s the result of internal changes that involved eliminating and replacing certain long held beliefs about myself and my life. This, in turn, resulted in taking action that supports my desire to have a certain degree of order and aesthetics in my environment because that feeds my soul and that order and beauty feels like a needed support for me to go out in the world and help others.

In the book, Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey says “In developing our own self-awareness many of us discover ineffective scripts, deeply embedded habits that are totally unworthy of us, totally incongruent with the things we really value in life. We are response-able to use our imagination and creativity to write new ones that are more effective, more congruent with our deepest values and with the correct principles that gives our values meaning.”

So, take a slow deep breath, maybe a few of them, and contemplate for a moment what you really value and how your actions may be incongruent with or not in support of these values. What are 3 simple changes you can begin right now to address this? Happy Weeding. When your life is weed-free, it makes space for anything to happen, including what you desire, including what you’re here to do. Start now. Pull some weeds and plant some seeds. Let me know what sprouts. Need some help identifying those old beliefs or replacing them? Contact me, I’d love to help you.


Money Mastery: Better Late than Never

Money Mastery: Better Late than Never

For the past year I have known that I need an assistant or a marketing person in my new business. I’ve been caught in the common dilemma of the small business owner: whether to wait till the business is generating the income to pay for such a person or use start-up money to fund the expense. This is a tough call for every entrepreneur in this situation. I knew then that I should take the leap and Just Do It, just as I had in making the decision to start the business and go full out with it. However, I just couldn’t get myself to do it. In the meantime I researched my options and I just got clearer and clearer that I was shooting myself in the foot by not getting the help my business needs. I explored what beliefs and personality elements were keeping me from taking the necessary action. THAT was the most (only?) fruitful part of waiting to take action. I saw a lot about myself, ways that I’ve been that no longer serve me (if they ever did serve me), and, as a good coach, I coached myself to eliminate those beliefs, choose to change and choose to create new habits, new neural pathways for new beliefs and new behaviors that do suit me, that do serve me, and will allow me to become as successful as I intend to be with my new business.

At the end of Feb. at the Bay Area Consultants Network monthly meeting in San Rafael, I met Sandi Silva, the owner of Dynamic Support Solutions which is a team of Virtual Assistants that do just about everything including marketing. Instantly, I knew I’d “found” exactly what/who I’ve been needing. I didn’t hesitate; I acted decisively and swiftly to get her team working on my business. What a relief! I feel an enormous weight lifted from my neck and shoulders- literally. Now, after a month, it’s taking a lot to keep from kicking myself for not doing this a year ago and to keep myself from dwelling on where my business might be now if I had. BIG SIGH!!!! I keep reminding myself that I can’t do anything about that now, that it’s not a productive use of my time and energy to dwell on that today, and at least I am now taking the needed action and reaping the benefit. The Chinese have a saying “The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is today.”

How often do we not do something because we wish we’d already done it, wish we’d already made the decision, set something in motion at an earlier time. We allow our regret and remorse to keep us from taking action today. If you too have done this, please consider that today is a good day to stop. So often I get a call from a middle-aged prospective client  who has made this decision to STOP having regrets and simply move forward from where they are to turn their work, their life and their finances around. What many people don’t realize is that if they’ve learned from the mistakes they’ve made in their life, in their work, in their finances, they may be in an excellent position for success now. Those lessons may have resulted in wisdom or maturity that will well serve whatever ventures they now have in mind for themselves. It’s seldom too late. Your best life awaits you. Take the first step. Need support? Contact me. It’s my greatest honor to support people to discover and fulfill their purpose and create their best life, their most authentic life, the life they’ve dreamed of living. Money and what you believe about money is often one of the biggest obstacles to this. Let’s eliminate that obstacle and replace it with what will serve you and your purpose.  This is why I created my business, Money Mastery. Ultimately, it’s really not about the money. Master your Inner Game of money; it’s the KEY to living the life YOU are meant to lead. Today is a good day to start. Now take that first step.

How Does the Proposed Wall Street Bailout Affect Your Security?

How Does the Proposed Wall Street Bailout Affect Your Security?

The events of this week and the uncertainty about the future that they engender make one thing crystal clear: Our only security is what is intrinsically part of us and cannot be lost, stolen, or destroyed.  Our inner qualities, capacities, and knowing are secure within us.  Our integrated confidence in our own abilities to create and offer meaningful, purpose-filled products and services that serve the world and serve humanity is how that security manifests.

Our external circumstances, environment, investment accounts, relationships and more can change or fall away in an instant, but as long as we continue to believe in our divine capacity to contribute… and to live happy, fulfilling, fabulous lives … we remain open to the opportunities that exist at exactly the same time as any perceived crisis.

Perhaps more so than any other time since the late 80s, this is the time to INVEST in OURSELVES – in cleaning out and up-leveling our internal belief and guidance structures – so that no matter the shifts in our economic or political environment we become and remain true to our unique gifts and are able to stay the course to fully express these gifts. By clearing out limiting beliefs, developing constructive habits, remaining calm and grounded, taking purposeful steps, getting and staying in alignment with our inner compass, clearing obstacles to our personal power, we increase our security and our chances of not only surviving but THRIVING now and into the future! This is how many entrepreneurs will achieve massive success in the next 12 months regardless of the circumstances covered by the news media.
The mainstream news is very negative lately (as it is usually), yet so many great things are truly happening all over the world at any given time- it’s just that few ever get to hear about those things. I urge you to focus on where you want to be going and realize that with the law of polarity in place, when you hear of bad times, there is also tremendous good happening and it’s your choice which one will affect your life, your consciousness, and your purpose. There are no victims – only participants.  What we put our attention on expands.  What do you want to expand?  Put your attention there and keep it there.  The benevolent forces in the universe WILL be with you.

Replace old patterns of self-defeating behavior with new patterns

Open the gate of change and growth.

“You can conquer almost any fear if you will only make up your mind to do so. For remember, fear doesn’t exist anywhere except in the mind” – Dale Carnegie

You are not your habits. You can replace old patterns of self-defeating behavior with new patterns, new habits of effectiveness, happiness, and trust-based relationships. I encourage you to open the gate of change and growth. – Stephen Covey

Habits and patterns can be replaced and new habits and patterns can be installed and supported with the combination of coaching, NLP, and Ericksonian Hypnosis.  I facilitate this for my clients.