About Me

Coachsultant Kamila Harkavy authors this blog. In addition to being Certified as a Money Coach, she is also Certified as a Results Coach, an NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer, Ericksonian Hypnotherapist, and Advanced Theta Practitioner with additional Theta training in Manifesting and Abundance.

Her business is Money Mastery: Master your Inner Game of money; It’s the key to living the life you are meant to lead. She works with spirit-minded entrepreneurs who are doing well, but underearn relative to their merits and their potential, overspend, undersave, or are unfulfilled in their work or their lives.

She weaves quantum tools for accelerated change and Results Technologies into her coaching work. The work is very graceful yet quite powerful and effective. A highly motivated person can transform their beliefs, create new habits and big shifts in their life quite quickly. The NLP, Theta, and Hypnotherapy facilitate the rapid creation of new neural pathways for new beliefs and behaviors. When you are really open to the truth, when you have addressed incongruencies and obstacles, and you have clarity and focus, you can be, do, have, express, and fulfill whatever you want. Absolutely.

Money Mastery addresses personality issues, psychological issues, emotional issues, and spiritual issues (in addition to many other things including stress, relaxation, tension, flow, and grace) and provides a highly accelerated path to more ease, more fulfillment, more fun, more abundance, and more flow and a highly accelerated path to the life YOU are meant to lead. Contact me to discuss where you are currently and where you’d like to be. It’d be my honor to help you to get there.

Curious to try it?

Contact Kamila at kamila@thrivelocity.com

Would you like to reprint something you read here? It’s all copyrighted, so you MUST include my complete bio and link. And no changes please, without my review.


6 responses to “About Me

  1. Wow! This is great. Love Thrivelocity name.

  2. Bernadette Ferrer

    Brilliant and concise, Kamila.

    With much appreciation,

  3. I have done a strategic visioning with Kamila and I am still on the path we created for me that day. Her work is powerful and her passion to help support her clients is her driving force.

    Thank you Kamila for the work you do. It does wonders for those who are willing to participate.


  4. You are truly an amazing woman, Kamila.

  5. I was just searching for about this when I came upon your blog post. I’m just dropping by to say that I definitely liked reading this post, it is really well written. Are you going to write more about this? It looks like there is more depth here for later posts.

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