Co-creating your relationship with money

Co-creating your relationship with money

When I am in a relationship or desiring to be, I not only think about what kind of man I want to be in a relationship with and how I want that relationship to be; I also think about who I must be and how I must be in order to co-create the relationship and uphold my half of that relationship.

My friend and colleague, Morgana Rae, The Charmed Life Coach, coaches folks on how to become a Money Magnet and talks about your Money Honey, creating the relationship you want with your money as though it were a romance with a romantic partner.
How would/do you treat such a partner?

One of my mentors, David Neagle, talks about success not in terms of what you have to do to be successful, but rather WHO you have to BE in order to be successful.
I was so struck the first time I heard David say this! I decided this is true across the board whether you’re wanting to be successful with relationships with people, with money, or with your work. I have been internalizing this ever since!

Another of my mentors, Deborah Price, Founder of The Money Coaching Institute, started a new blog (see my blogroll) to speak to the fear and pain that is circulating in our society right now. She says:”Using relationships as the metaphor, begin to think in terms of what kind of money relationship you are seeking. If you were to place an ad in the personal column seeking a partner, you would want to have a pretty clear idea of what it is you are looking for before you placed your ad. Otherwise, you’re not likely to receive what you’re hoping for. The clearer you are, the more likely you can magnetize anything in your life, be it relationship with a person, a job or money. In this case, it is important to be clear about what kind of relationship you desire to have with money. Write a personal ad that addresses your intention. Here’s an example:
“Spiritual being seeking a relationship with money that is conscious, loving, trustworthy, fulfilling, co-creative and prosperous. I am ready to receive this relationship into my life and to embrace this prosperity with care and attention so that together we may realize our greatest good.”

Now, write your own statement of what it is you desire in your relationship with money. When you are done, repeat the following words:
“I am ready and willing to receive my perfect relationship with money and finances into my life with grace and gratitude. I consider it done and so it is. Amen. ”

Let me know how it goes.


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