Be a Wealthy Warrior instead of a Poor Worrier

Be a Wealthy Warrior instead of a Poor Worrier

It’s no secret that we are in the midst of what some
people are calling one of the greatest financial downturns
in history.

People are scared to death.

They are confused.

They are uncertain.

They’ve lost their confidence and with it, many of their
dreams. Most people have taken on a victim mentality
and become weak. They are the worriers and the watchers.

You don’t have to join them. You can be a Wealthy
Warrior instead of a poor worrier.

The true warrior, the enlightened warrior, the Wealthy
Warrior is one who conquers him or herself. The warrior’s
way is the way of action. They come from strength vs.
weakness, courage vs. fear and opportunity vs. obstacles.

John David Rockefeller made his billions from 1929 to
1934 during the heart of the Great Depression. Rockefeller
was a Wealthy Warrior. The fact is, this may be the best
opportunity of your entire lifetime to get rich… really rich…
if you know what you’re doing or are willing to learn.

The next 2 years may well determine the rest of your financial
life. So decide. Decide who you are. More importantly,
decide who you want to be. Begin taking action. Even baby steps count; they add up!


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