The Difference by Jean Chatzky

The Difference by Jean Chatzky,

I normally post to this blog twice each week, but today here’s an extra post with a special limited-time offer:
Download Jean Chatzky’s new financial book, The Difference, for free until 10:59 a.m. ET Saturday, March 14, 2009!

We’re offering this as a free download for members. If you are an member, you’ll be prompted to log in first. If you are not already a member, you will be prompted to become a member. It’s free! Go to

What can The Difference teach you?
The top five things you can do to not just survive but thrive during tough times
The eight things that make The Difference (i.e., the key traits and abilities of people who describe themselves as financially free)
Advice for those having job insecurity as well as strategies for finding a job
Why money doesn’t breed happiness—but happiness can breed money
The direct connection between The Difference and your health
How people who know The Difference make a difference for others
Myths and facts about the wealthy

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