Thriving in these challenging times

Tough times call for adaptation and evolution, not desperate measures. Ramping up our creativity is how we’ll survive and thrive over difficult stretches of time. Now we are back to square one, where ingenuity will give birth to actual products and services to be sold. This is opportunity lurking. Don’t wait to hear it knocking. Some of us will react by using the “turtle strategy” : pull everything in, hold tight, and wait it out. Some of us will react by using the “headless chicken strategy:” run around panicked, without direction. Some of us will react by looking at needs and resources, finding matches, and seizing opportunities. We are limited only by our imaginations and our commitment to ingenuity.

Action is Born in Your Mind
As with all actions, everything starts with internal dialog. That internal dialog directs us in setting our course. If our focus is on our plight, we sit in our plight. If our focus is on our path out of the woods, we move out of the woods. Our interpretation of events directs us, not the events. We make the decision between victim and problem-solver from the start, and our actions merely follow through with that decision. As we’ve learned, we can shift from victim to problem-solver by shifting our internal dialog. The next step is taking that problem-solver to a new level of creativity. It means we need to be much more conscious about our internal dialog and our dialog with each other; all aspects of our communication. Opportunity may not be knocking as loudly as it once did, but that doesn’t mean we can’t seize it where it’s lurking.

Even during dark and desperate times there are certain prophetic people who can see beyond obvious challenges and fears. Every Pulitzer Prize was won by someone who shut their complaining mouth and took the risk to follow the thread of instinct. We can use the same principles today; practice, practice, practice doing this.

It’s easy to sit around paralyzed with worry about the future, but it feels really awful and gets you nowhere. You could stay in this state until the economy shifts and then you’ll be no better off. While the economy is not under your control, YOU are. You can control many elements of your reality. Take a minute to imagine your life exactly the way you’d like it to be. Then ask yourself what YOU can do to make things different. What’s your vision? What is the first step toward that? Take that step. Then take the next step. One step at a time you move toward your vision. When the economy shifts again, you’ll be in a better position relative to your heart’s desire.

Each one of us has certain doors of possibility that can only be accessed by allowing our internal daydreams to flow without restriction.
Create the environment to allow this from time to time. Use all that time you’d spend watching the news. Fill your mind with images of your heart’s desire rather than the images from the news. You may find that you can be happy and inspired even in the midst of these wild times in which we’re living.

What is the first step? Set that in motion. Share it with me if you like.


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