The Science of Getting Rich, Part 3

The Science of Getting Rich

The Law of Gratitude

Gratitude is so important and powerful for myriad reasons
; here are a few:
Gratitude allows you to relate to Source, Spirit, God, Universe, whatever term you use for this, in a harmonious way and puts you in unity with the mind of god. This has enormously powerful repercussions. Your mind will be in closer alignment with the mind of god, with Creative Thought, and with the flow of abundance.
Gratitude keeps us from falling prey to competitive thought or thoughts of scarcity.
Gratitude attracts.
You cannot exercise much power without gratitude because gratitude keeps you connected with power. Ditto for happiness.
A grateful mind expects good things, has faith, attracts and receives good things. This serves to increase faith which increases attraction and receiving. You get the idea? Faith is another KEY.

Be grateful for whatever life presents you with. You may not be able to see or appreciate the perfection when what life presents you with appears negative, but it’s all part of your growth if you use it as such. Realize that you have received already; be grateful. Practice saying or writing ” I’m so happy and grateful now that ________”. Fill in the blank as many times as you can. Do this before you go to bed. Do it with your kids. Do it with your partner or spouse. Have a notebook or journal just for this. See how fast you can fill it up. Create a contest in your family or household to see who can fill theirs first. If you have difficulty getting started, go see Slumdog Millionaire. You may feel more grateful for what you have after seeing this film.

Do your best. Each of us will do our best when we are doing our Purpose.


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