The Science of Getting Rich, Part 1

The Science of Getting Rich

Wallace Wattles published the book, The Science of Getting Rich
, around the beginning of the 1900’s and it’s still timely…..perhaps more so right now in this current economy where words like recession, depression, decession, etc. are constantly in the news.

David Neagle, one of my mentors, recently gave a talk to his Platinum coaching group on Chapters 4, 14 and 7 of this book.
Since I’m aware that few can afford the price tag of this elite group’s membership, I’m going to share with you the learnings from this talk. I have 6 pages of notes from the talk and it’ll probably take at least a few blog posts to sum it up so, be sure to stay tuned over the next week or two. I generally post twice a week.

To change the effects we are getting, we must change our thoughts.
This takes vigilance. We must continually bring our thoughts back to where we want them to be. This takes practice and vigilance. Eventually, we train our minds and this thinking becomes automatic. Don’t expect it to happen right away. Many people find this extremely challenging, yet it’s one of the KEYS to designing your own changes. Remain committed to the practice. This is how you become a Mastermind.

Some suggestions to support this practice:

-put up notes in your environment to remind you of what you want to be thinking and what beliefs you are cultivating.
Listen to recorded books that reinforce these messages while in the car, when you’re exercising, cleaning the house, cooking dinner, etc… This will keep your mind oriented in this direction and you’ll reflect on what you heard even when you’re no longer playing the recording; this will continue to keep your mind oriented.
-Read something, short or long, that orients your mind in this direction first thing in the a.m. and last thing in the p.m. This takes very little time and is quite effective. You orient your mind to hold these truths in your consciousness for the entire night and the entire day.
Write your key thoughts on a 3 x 5 card, in your PDA or wherever, and carry it with you and look at it throughout the day. Set an alarm on your cell phone or computer to remind you to look at it hourly or bi-hourly or whatever intervals you choose. Obviously, the more often, the better.

Guard your mind from detractors. Reduce or eliminate your exposure to negative people and negative thought. Turn off the radio, t.v., and other sources of media which are designed to cultivate fear and unrest.

Start where you are. Yes, you can start from exactly where you are. Right now. You don’t need to wait for anything to be different.

That which may have worked well for you or your business even just recently may have stopped working. This necessitates that you step up in a much bigger way than ever before. This is happening to people and businesses all over. This is one of the reasons some are sinking very fast and others are rising very fast. People are unaware of how forces are affecting them and what they can do to change their course and use their power. People often act counter-productively in such circumstances. THIS IS NOT A TIME TO PLAY A CONSERVATIVE GAME! THIS IS A TIME TO STEP UP AND PLAY A BIGGER GAME THAN EVER BEFORE.


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