Love, Money, Business, and The Law of Attraction

Love, Money, Business, and The Law of Attraction

With Valentines Day approaching, here are some thoughts about how love affects not only our relationships with people, but our relationship with money and success which is one of the main themes of the Thrivelocity blog and Money Mastery (my unique approach and method of helping you to improve your Inner Game of money, earn what you’re worth doing work that you love and fulfills your purpose). So, regardless of whether you have a human Valentine, this post is for you.

Love is the emotion of God and the Universe; and real love is an act of participation in the achievement of the fuller expression and expansion of all life. This is why we feel more alive when we are experiencing love in any form; and why our souls are drawn to these experiences- they are opportunities for the soul to learn, express, and become more free.

The word emotion can be broken down into two parts. E means to express and motion meaning movement. You’re expressing your soul through the movement of energy – vibration.

When we feel something, our bodies react by vibrating at the same frequency as that which we feel. The longer we stay involved with that feeling, the deeper it sinks into our subconscious until we become emotionally involved with it- at which time we vibrate mind, body and soul in harmony with our feelings which have now become emotions.
Your emotions cause you to express that energy as a vibration which seeks to harmonize with other objects, people, circumstances that are moving at the same frequency- The Law of Attraction in action. All energy chooses the path of least resistance and therefore seeks energy just like itself that won’t conflict and cause it to change. Your emotional energy will guide you to circumstances and opportunities that are a direct reflection of how you feel.

So, if you are in a state of real love (romantic love is not required here) what will become of your life? You will find yourself with abundance, happiness, success, and health because that would be the fuller expression and expansion of you. You’ll also do it in such a way as to cause others to join you as well as attracting relationships into your life that already harmonize with your mission of mutual benefit for all. What does this mean for your business? It means that true love is the corner stone to building both your client base and your income.


2 responses to “Love, Money, Business, and The Law of Attraction

  1. Well, I never really thought about it that way, but it kind of makes sense; people are attracted to successful people, much like people are attracted to others who are giving off a love vibration as a result of being in a relationship, because of the aura of invincibility they have in both circumstances.

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