12 Steps to Become Wealthy

12 Steps to Become Wealthy

I was looking through some papers in my office for something else and I came across these steps:

1. Define wealth for yourself; make it believable to yourself. Not everyone wants the same degree or experience of wealth. For some, wealth is more about free time and options than about luxury and opulence. For others, it has to do mainly with being able to use their wealth to effect change in the world. Write out in detail describing with all 5 senses what it will look, feel, smell, taste, and sound like. This is your target.

2. Don’t change your target.

3. Start where you are right now. Take action. It doesn’t need to be perfect, it just needs to get going. Keep taking action.

4. Take the biggest step toward your target that you believe you can achieve; repeat repeatedly. This will build self-confidence and positive reinforcement.

5. Make it imperative. This is key. If it would just be nice if it happened, then it probably won’t happen. If it’s imperative to you for a specific reason that would motivate you to succeed at all costs, then you’re far more likely to hit your target. Marshall your intent, your will and your focus in the same direction. View all obstacles as challenges to be overcome. Expect the challenges and expect to overcome them. Regard this as a skill-building opportunity. Understand the emotions that get in the way. Release them. Get help with this as necessary.

6. Going back to #1,2,3: be realistic, have a realistic plan. Model others who have been successful. Use your intuition.

7. Follow your realistic plan.

8. Get advice, get coaching. Take action, take responsibility. Delegate where possible, but remain responsible.

9. Face challenges. Get creative in addressing them. Keep going.

10. Use Quicken-type software for personal and business finances. Keep track of what’s happening.

11. Get coaching, but also listen to your intuition. Don’t be unduly influenced by everyone else. You are under no obligation to do what others tell you.

12. Read. Train. Have mentors.


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