Martin Luther King

Today is the birthday of Dr. King.
I’m reflecting on this quote of his.

“We must pursue peaceful ends through peaceful means.”
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Of course this brings to mind the obvious: war vs. non-violence; and then there are the ways that we ourselves operate to achieve our growth and our goals. Although we need to be ruthless and relentless in our pursuit of the truth and yet we need to also be cognizant and compassionate about where we are and about what’s involved in the journey to where we’re headed (if we have a sense of where we’re headed).

This means that we need to be completely honest with ourselves about doing what needs to be done in a consistent and timely fashion for us to get where we want to go/be. This means not letting ourselves off the hook with excuses; rather, discovering what’s stopping us from taking necessary action and addressing that so we can continually move forward. Coaching is invaluable in this regard to have compassionate yet firm support to discover your dreams and goals and for your consistent progress towards fulfilling them. Previously, I reviewed Dr. Fiore’s book on my Book Review page, The Now Habit; I again refer you to this valuable and compassionate book.

In our culture there is much violence on a personal level in how we treat ourselves: depriving ourselves of adequate sleep and restoration, nutrition, and hydration, pumping ourselves full of caffeine and other stimulants alternately with depressants to unwind. Most of us want a peaceful life, but we go about achieving it with great violence to ourselves and sometimes to others as well.

So, at the outset of this new year, on the day we remember Dr. King, we can take some time to reflect on this and decide how we want to move forward. Want support? Contact me.


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