Authenticity and Resilience- key to Surviving and Thriving in this or any Economic Climate

Authenticity and Resilience- key to Surviving and Thriving in this or any Economic Climate

The topic of surviving in this market is getting more airtime and web time right now than any other topic I can think of. I find that I am staying relatively calm and confident although there is a tsunami of fear and doubt out there. Why am I able to do this? Because the fear remains out there, NOT inside me! I’m steering clear, as much as possible, of those with a mindset oriented to fear, scarcity and doubt. I honestly don’t feel I’m being in the least bit unrealistic or Pollyanna-ish. I’m maintaining my belief, for which there’s much historical basis, that some people thrive in such adverse times. I intend to be one of those people.

When I discovered that my purpose had clarified and shifted to include coaching, mentoring, and training others, I educated myself about the realities of entering and succeeding in this business and approached it as I would any other business. I’ve availed myself of a lot of the training and information available; I feel that I’ve gotten the equivalent of an MBA but without the student loans and without the degree. One of the keys to success that I discovered is also serving to maintain my sense of calm and confidence: when you brand your business according to your unique gifts and your purpose, there ceases to be much competition if you’ve done it well. Who else can compete with you at being you and doing what only you are uniquely able to do because of who you are and the life you’ve had? Authenticity is a powerful marketing tool. Not only does it distinguish you from others in your field, it allows you to communicate what you do in a far more compelling way. Any marketing efforts you engage in will necessarily be more effective as a result. Of course, it feels soooo much better too. Marketing and positioning are KEY in any market and especially so in adverse markets. Those that survive and thrive in adverse times are those who were either positioned well to begin with or were prepared to be flexible and adaptive to circumstances and change. Resilience is one of the most important character traits for success in business and in life! You’ll likely hear more from me on resilience as you stay tuned.


2 responses to “Authenticity and Resilience- key to Surviving and Thriving in this or any Economic Climate

  1. Simply Amazing. Kamila has brought together the perfect balance of technologies for effecting positive change to the sometimes unbalanced equation of monetary success and our perceptions of fulfillment, satisfaction and contentment. With the understanding of these relationships, we discover our own unique formula that we can apply to our environment and thus take our personal success to new levels. I am looking forward to applying these techniques in my own experience.

    Thank you,

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