Essential Time Management for the life/career/finances you want

Essential Time Management for the life/career/finances you want

There’s something about this time of year:
whether it’s that business slows down, looking at the year in review – what went well, what didn’t, what could be improved or different; or that people start thinking about the New Year and making a fresh start, turning over a new leaf, aligning with what’s most important, adjusting one’s habits to create greater satisfaction, fulfillment, and solvency; writing out resolutions; the shorter daylight hours causing a natural inward focus,……

This time of year, I usually spend some time completing minor tasks left unfinished
when more pressing matters took precedence, filing and organizing (and un-filing or purging my files as well), and clearing any piles (I’m happy to see that piles are almost a non-issue for me now whereas they used to be a MAJOR issue). Although this is something I like to do at this time of year, it doesn’t work for me to put it on my list of things to do. Yesterday however, I spontaneously began and this morning I spontaneously continued. I purged a whole bunch of files that I no longer need and rearranged my files for ease of use. It just feels great to have this done and I feel excited knowing that from a feng shui perspective, I’ve made space for the new and for more to flow in. I feel this is as valuable as other ways to optimize your business during a slow time. Energetically, it brings your environment current: Current with your vision for your life, your business, your career, current with your energy and your intention.

In the process of clearing and organizing, I came across some notes from a workshop I did many years ago with Janel Ensler of the Ridhwan School on Essential Time Management. The word essential refers to the essence of who we are as well as the essence of time management, and how to take time management out of the realm of the ego and have it emanate from the soul. It becomes much more compelling when this happens. Although still rife with challenges, it’s easier to align with and feel motivated from a deeper truer part of yourself – from your soul rather than your ego. Discipline, then, is an expression of your deepest truth.

Your intentionality is merged with your actions. Applying WILL to your life means getting present, getting on track, bringing your soul into focus, getting clear highly-tuned dynamic movement. How you use your time determines whether your life is an expression and fulfillment of who you really are, what you want, and your purpose. That’s the main reason to practice essential time management. Want more reasons?: to be inspired and intentional and move toward greater satisfaction and fulfillment, to have time for contemplation, fun, being ourselves, being with those we value, and leisure, producing and allowing your heart’s desire!

Part 2 to follow; stay tuned! Until then, I wish you a very lovely holiday time. I will be spending time with my daughter and friends locally. Weather permitting, we’ll be rollerblading on Christmas Day. Yippee!


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