Personal Responsibility = Being “At Cause”

Personal Responsibility = Being “At Cause” in NLP-speak

Take time to seriously consider one central tenant in NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming): Personal Responsibility.
This may be an elusive concept for some people; it was for me. Although I thought that I took responsibility for my stuff, my actions and inactions, I really couldn’t keep straight Being At Cause and Being At Effect- I had a certain denseness around understanding these concepts. That was a clue to me.
I learned NLP from Christopher Howard. He and his staff would frequently refer to whether one was At Cause or At Effect. It wasn’t until I was listening to David Neagle’s Art of Success series (which gets my highest recommendation and you just can’t beat the price: free!) that it really clicked for me. Since then, I’ve had many little and big epiphanies related to this understanding and some significant shifts personally and professionally.

I invite you to ask yourself: In what areas of my life am I bucking responsibility for my present circumstances, results, feelings and decisions? If there is anything that I am unhappy with, or that I feel is less than what I truly desire, how have I given away my power to change that situation by waiting for others or circumstances to change or come to my rescue?

In this country there is nothing that you desire that you cannot be, do or have. However, it is up to you to claim it for your own. It is up to you to identify and change that which holds you back. It is up to you to create the life you dream of. You are solely responsible for the state of your life. We can truly transform our lives if we simply take responsibility, make the decision, and take the appropriate actions.

You are powerful and there is nothing that you cannot change if you have the desire to do so!!

I recommend getting a great coach to assist you in the process. Most great coaches have coaches themselves. In my last session with my coach, we were talking about being “At Cause”. She commented on how much progress she’s witnessed in me in the past year. I replied that it has a lot to do with finally “groking” the concept of Personal Responsibility and taking action based on my new understanding and resultant willingness to be completely honest with myself about some things that I had had rationalizations for; this one shift has significantly changed my relationship to my business, my health, my personal life, and my relationships. My friends and colleagues have noticed the difference in me too. YEAH! 🙂

Give it a try. What have you got to lose?


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