Recession, Napoleon Hill, The Law of Attraction, and Your Dreams

Recession, Napoleon Hill, The Law of Attraction, and Your Dreams

Is there a recession? Depends on your criteria and your perspective. Regardless, people make their own circumstances (and success) regardless of the economy or other circumstances. You can allow yourself to be scared by the doom and gloom in the news (……it’s going to be a looooong time before the economy recovers”) or you can choose to persevere with your dreams, your goals, and your intentions. Here’s a story about perseverance, hope and faith:

This infamous story told by Napoleon Hill in “Think and Grow Rich” told of the exploits of the uncle of R.U. Darby who, in the 1800’s, was caught up in the “Gold Fever” produced by the mass hysteria and hype of the gold rush days.

Many people had “Gold Fever” or the burning desire to strike it rich in the vast producing western United States. Word spread world wide of the gold strikes and people from far and near rushed in to make their fortune. The uncle of R.U. Darby was no exception and in fact was one of the few who stuck gold on his initial dig. His initial find was proven to be one of the richest and purest gold veins in Colorado. His challenge though, was raising enough capital to fund a full scale mining process. He went back to the east coast to raise capital from friends, family and investors. Once this was done, he raced back to his mine and purchased the equipment for the task at hand.

He began drilling on endlessly yet, as if by some mysterious stroke of bad luck, the vein of gold had disapeared. Soon, worry, doubt and discouragement took hold and in fear of going broke, he sold his equipment to a junk dealer for a few hundred dollars. He quit… just gave up. He never knew that if the desire was present, so was the gold.

The junk man called a mining engineer and asked him his opinion on the whole project. The engineer went to the mine, examined the situation and told the junk man that if he drilled just 3 feet from where the other man had stopped, he would re-enter the previously tapped rich vein of gold.

The junk man extracted millions of dollars of gold from that mine because he was not afraid to ask for advice, seek counsel, and then act on that advice. Whether he understood the the law or just had an intuitive knowledge of it, the fact is the principle worked and it will always work.

Some of us are stopping 3 feet from our own gold mine and a sure way to prevent that is to stop listening to those doubts and worries that sing their song of gloom in your head. There’s a lot of negativity out there in the world today because people choose to believe what they hear and not what the law insists upon: if the desire was present, so was the gold. This is a universal law! If you have a dream, a desire, an intention, it cannot exist without the means for its fruition to also exist! If you are able to maintain the feelings of desire, the feelings of the fruition experience of that dream or desire, and take all appropriate actions to bring about the desired outcome, there is every reason for you to succeed. If a voice in your head or in your life says otherwise, you may choose to disregard it. You may need coaching, support, and practice to do this effectively. Start with a media fast; stop consuming media. Focus instead on how it will feel to realize your dream.


3 responses to “Recession, Napoleon Hill, The Law of Attraction, and Your Dreams

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  2. It is always so exciting and stimulating to read how others are using The Law of Attraction.

    I am looking forward to the teleseminar BOB PROCTOR is doing about how to make the Law of Attraction work even better.

    Hope to see you there.

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