Ending Procrastination and Living a Happy, Satisfying, Productive Life

Ending Procrastination and Living a Happy, Satisfying, Productive Life

This may be my most self-revealing post to date.

I just got off the phone from Bill Baren’s Time Expert’s TeleSummit (can’t recommend it highly enough and such a great value/bargain even/especially at the VIP level!) where he spoke with Neil Fiore, the author of The NOW Habit. Neil’s approach to ending procrastination completely dovetails with my way of thinking! I want to download this book directly into my brain this minute. I don’t want to have to wait for Amazon to send me the book and for me to have to read it. Even Genius Reading it will be too slow for me. SIGH! Alas, I’ll have to settle for that.  Actually, I am so hot to get this book that I may actually burn a little gasoline and go get it tonight!

Why am I soooo excited? Because I’ve been endeavoring to understand my own relationship to procrastination for year…..ok, decades. Why? Because it feels terrible, makes me feel terrible about myself and my life, and most importantly, because it keeps me from doing what’s really important to me: fulfilling my purpose and sharing my gifts with the world! So, it’s of paramount importance for me to vanquish procrastination for myself!  Well, prior to hearing this interview, I’d determined that I procrastinate or just plain don’t do the things that I don’t believe I know enough or have enough skill to do.  I’ve spent years tracing this back to my mother (y’know what They say: “If it ain’t one thing, it’s your mother!”.) who was hypercritical, rageholic, and verbally abusive; I could never do anything well enough or soon enough to suit her.  Ok, I understand all of that, I’ve processed a ton of feelings and experiences related to this, AND procrastination is still here.  I’ve gotten skilled at catching all the subtle camouflages for procrastination and at sensing deeply into my experience to feel the paralyzed energy around moving forward with these types of things.  AND procrastination is still here.  @#$%^&*(!!!  So, what to do?

In his book, Fiore gives a very quick exercise one can do in order to take the very first step.  He talks about the importance of that first step and how to do it.  It’s a lot like How do you eat an elephant? : One bite at a time. He talks about working on a task or a project in 30 minute increments. He also talks about how he has managed to write 5 books in this fashion.  One of the reasons I am so hot to read the whole book is that he talked about his beliefs, attitude and approach to goal setting and it makes perfect sense to me in the context of what I’ve studied and learned about how the brain works, creating new neural pathways in the brain, changing habits and behaviors, etc…  I’ve had major philosophical, spiritual, and emotional issues with goal setting and yet, because goal setting is so highly touted, I’ve given it a whirl and have suffered greatly in the process.  According to Fiore, this makes perfect sense. PHEW!  Thank you, Mr. Fiore!  So, I feel very encouraged that I can still become a published author and complete some other rather daunting projects with my current relationship with goal setting.  With what I learn from this book, it may even go 4 times faster (read the part about perfectionism).  I suspect that this will have huge implications for other parts of my life too.  I’m soooo excited!

Well, I could go on and on about this, but I think I’ll wait till I’ve finished the book…….or at least read a bit of it.  If you hadn’t noticed, there’s now a page on this blog for book reviews. Please stop by and chat awhile.  Post a comment about this book or any super useful or inspiring book you’ve read.  I look forward to hearing from you.


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