Personal Freedom and Responsibility go Hand in Hand.

Personal freedom and responsibility go hand in hand.

The price for freedom is self-growth.

As with immigrants to this country, we must be willing to grow in a new environment in order to take full advantage of all it has to offer. We must be willing to stretch to break free of limits and constraints. As we well know, just because we are living in a place of ‘freedom’ it doesn’t necessarily mean we are safe and secure – how to be safe and secure is something else we must learn.

Just getting to the intellectual understanding or awareness that we may have those self-limiting barriers (or freedom, for that matter) is not enough. We must now DO something with that knowledge. Unfortunately, when ego rules the mind, we often find ourselves falling into the mindset that we don’t need to DO anything else … that we can simply hang out in this new freedom indefinitely and things will be different.

This mindset – this inaction – is so dangerous because personal freedom and responsibility go hand in hand.

This first “why I shouldn’t” line of thinking keeps you where you are and leads you down a false road. But the second line of thinking, the “why I should”, leads to more life and the true abundance of the universe.

Consider this question…

“Who did God place in your life as a guide, mentor, coach or teacher?”

If you can get yourself out of the way, that person can lead you to places you may never have even dreamed about. But the responsibility – the action – for beginning the journey is solely yours.


2 responses to “Personal Freedom and Responsibility go Hand in Hand.

  1. I see where you are coming from with this post. In our culture, where there is a premium put on action to achieve, just being, as an observer of the leela, may be thought of as irresponsible. We are Karma Bhumi here in America, the land of action! It is very ingrained. In me too.

    How do we meld the two worlds together, action and being?
    How do we know if the action we want to take is a response to fear or divine inspiration?
    I think perhaps the responsibility aspect in the freedom/responsibility equation you mentioned is the responsibility to ourselves to follow our bliss (thanks Joseph Campbell) and take inspired action only.

    Learning what inspired action is, for me, is an internal process. As my understanding of being a witness to my life becomes clearer, I see myself in choice-less awareness, everything is Source and everything is perfect. I am along for the ride to enjoy the friction of the freedom/ limitation balance Source uses to become aware of itself.

    As I vibrate at higher levels what I need comes to me. If I need to do something, then, in the flow, that gets done. By me or someone else.

    I know this is a way out concept yet I think it is what Jesus meant by being “in the world not of the world”.

    And, this can lead to magnificent abundance also, even materially, if one can resist attachment. The great saint, Neem Karoli Baba said, “Attachment is the strongest block to realization.”

    Even attachment to any outcome, which often goes hand in hand with action.

    Great thought provoking post, Kamila!

  2. The ego can be a self destructing thing. Certainly, it can lead us down a path but is it the path of abundance?

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