Money, Income, Life Purpose and the Chakras

Money, Income, Life Purpose and the Chakras

Does this sound like a question from one of those tests where you pick the one item that does not go with all the others? Well, it’s not. These things all have a very strong relationship to each other.

If you’ve been reading my blog, you’re familiar with how life purpose relates to money and income. If you haven’t, I’ll wait while you read the 5 part series on The Secret to Increasing Your Income More Easily and Enjoying Yourself in the Process. In addition to what’s stated in that series, the chakras (7 energy centers in the body) all need to be spinning optimally to have no limit to your potential income.

Interestingly, each chakra corresponds to issues that affect your bank balance and your potential income. As I always say, when you handlle your money issues (this includes issues around work, income, debt, saving, investing, and purpose), your relationship with money transforms and your entire life transforms as well!

Here’s a quick run through:

  • 1st chakra: has to do with your tribe or family, their mentality, beliefs, and patterns; security and survival, and connection. Our income reflects the degree to which we play it safe versus rocking the boat wrt our tribe/family. TIP: create your own tribe that resonates who you truly are and allows you to transform rather than conform.
  • 2nd chakra: has to do with relationships with self, with others, with creativity. Your comfort level with each of those 3 relationships directly affects your income. Your ability to receive income is proportional to your capacity to put your creativity out in the world. If apathy or procrastination is part of your experience, there’s some work to do around releasing your creativity and offering it to the world and getting paid for it. Passion pays!
  • 3rd chakra: has to do with strength, stamina, fortitude, courage, individuating, the I AM, staying true to your boundaries, standards and purpose. Your self-care (diet, sleep, exercise, relaxation, quietude, reflection, recreation, and fun) is reflected in your bank balance. Now, are we all motivated to take better care of ourselves? It’s essential to claim your inner power and put yourself FIRST! No, it’s not selfish; it’s the most generous thing you can do since it allows you to give more.

In order to gain clarity about your desire and your purpose, it’s necessary to work through all issues pertaining to the first 3 chakras. You must acquire autonomy from your family, heal any wounds resulting from said family, and move on. Create new tribe that supports your true self and it’s purpose. Connect with with your creativity and exchange it for money. Relate to others, develop good boundaries in your personal and professional interactions, have good relationships.

Stay tuned for Part 2.


One response to “Money, Income, Life Purpose and the Chakras

  1. It’s interesting the you put the chakras into perspective with money and life purpose. That prompted me to go back and read some of your other postings.

    You have some great information here for your readers.

    I’m looking forward to part two of this post!

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