How to use NLP to Get Out of Debt

How to use NLP to Get Out of Debt

As you’re probably already aware, you can think of people as having a conscious mind & an unconscious mind. If there’s anything you’ve been trying to change (eg. solve a problem, make a change, achieve a goal), but you just haven’t seemed to be able to do it until now, you can assume that your unconscious holds the key.

But how can you gain access to your deep unconscious wisdom?

NLP offers a variety of techniques for doing this, many of them involving language. Language generation is an unconscious skill: the processes you are using when you’re generating grammatical sentences are largely unconscious (the processes you are using to make sense of this article are also unconscious when you think about it.)
So how cool would it be if you could tap into these unconscious language generation processes to find solutions to your problems & get assistance towards achieving your goals?

1) Choose some goal you want to achieve, problem you
need to solve, change you’d like to make or situation
you’d like some insight into such as:

I want to get out of debt

2) Create a ‘sentence stem’ taking the following general structure: “If I brought / lived with 5% more [awareness/consciousness] around/to [situation], I would…”

3) Once you’ve written your sentence stem, read it out 5
times, completing it (in writing), with 5 different
endings. Do it fast!

For example… “If I lived with 5% more awareness around my finances, I would…”

  • Schedule a few hours to sort out all my different accounts,& put the final touches on the systems for dealing with paperwork etc.
  • Schedule an hour a week & a few hours a month to really focus on my financial goals.
  • Pull an “Instant Wealth” card each day, & take 5 minutes to focus on its message & generate answers to the Money-making Question it poses.
  • Read Paul McKenna’s book “I Can Make Y0u Rich”
  • Walk through a Chris Hall-style ‘Super-future pacing’ process around money & wealth.

4) Do this once a day for a week, & discover how quickly
you notice shifts & changes in the situation you chose
to work on.

Sometimes, very small adjustments in our state of consciousness can result in very big changes in our external experience.

from Nathaniel Branden, the author of several books on self-esteem.


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