I’d say that there are different layers of purpose just as there are different layers of experience, different layers of Being, etc….
When I was quite young- maybe 10 or 12, I remember pondering my purpose and thinking that it had to do with freedom. I didn’t have the vocabulary then to articulate it as well as I can now, but I knew it had to do with finding the way to be the fullest manifestation of myself…….self-actualized, free to Be.
Now, that sense of my purpose is unchanged; I still perceive that to be my purpose, and I look for work and other opportunities in life to manifest myself and utilize my gifts as fully as possible. So, while purpose need not have a Doing layer, if it does, that layer will have to do with doing the things that cause us to feel most alive, most useful, most excited, most giving, most open to magnificence.

I think this is why career counselors and books on career/changing careers suggest that people sense back to what they enjoyed and made them feel alive and happy when they were 10. It often provides some clues or reminders about feeling alive, doing what we love, while being unencumbered by adult realities and constraints that people can then extrapolate from to find their purpose or work that they enjoy. I’ve heard and read delightful stories of people discovering their passion in this way and creating work that they love. When our work comes from this place, it doesn’t feel so much like work, there’s less struggle and frustration, and it’s much easier to be motivated, excited, creative, and inspired. As a result, this is likely to lead to us being more successful and making more money.


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