Discovering your life’s purpose requires choices. The
two most important choices are these: Do I want to know what my
life’s purpose is? And, having discovered my purpose, do I want to
live my life in a way that is consistent with that purpose? However, in contemplating whether to discover one’s purpose, people may fear that which is unknown to them. Contained within this unknown, though, is the part of you that already knows your purpose and how to fulfill it.

In order for us to manifest our purpose, we must be properly trained. Fortunately, the soul develops and executes our training plan. It does this by influencing our decisions and helping us to choose things that will develop us in ways that serve our purpose.
The soul also “arranges” experiences for us that will cause us to grow and develop. These experiences can often be unpleasant, such as car accidents, being fired or laid off, and losing loved ones. However, it is most often our “worst” experiences that can teach us the most. The soul doesn’t cause these things to happen in the normal sense, but often steers us toward learning opportunities that our ego would naturally avoid. Along the way, as we try out different things, we act in ways that are in alignment with our fundamental purpose, and also in ways that are not. While we are usually unaware of the purpose itself, these two ways of behaving feel very different to us when we reflect on our actions and behaviors.

By looking back over our lives and reviewing the qualities of our previous experiences, we may see that there were sets of qualities of experience that correspond to times when we were on-purpose and other sets of experiences that correspond to times when we were off-purpose. By looking for similarities in those times or events, we can draw conclusions about our purpose.
We’re looking for times when we felt fulfilled, passionate, intensely alive, thoroughly utilized, that we make a difference, when things happen easily and seemingly chance coincidences occur to support our goals and projects, and our efforts produce results, as well as times when there is serendipity, flow or grace. At such times, it’s as though the wind is at our backs and is moving us along with very little sense of efforting on our part. The process is enjoyable even if it’s challenging, and we aren’t concerned about having enough energy or motivation to achieve our objectives. These are the times when we are ON PURPOSE although we may not be aware of our purpose as it’s occuring. When we are doing things in our life that support our purpose, our soul and life gives us positive feedback.

When we are out of alignment with our purpose, it feels very
different. We find obstacles at every turn. We have to muster up the energy and the will to follow through and complete things. There is a sense of swimming upstream or walking headlong into the wind and having to effort to move forward at all. We don’t enjoy the process much of the time. We are not satisfied by our accomplishments, or the satisfaction is fleeting. We wonder, at times, why we’re doing what we’re doing, and imagine greener pastures. I call this experience “slogging through mud”.



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