Got Questions about Money Issues?

Please post your questions regarding your relationship with money.  These may include your beliefs, your habits, your fears, hesitations or your history of earning, spending, saving, or investing.

I will read your posts and use them as the basis for future posts.

I look forward to hearing your concerns and questions.


One response to “Got Questions about Money Issues?

  1. Kamila
    I like the look of your blog.
    Is this the way you want people to post questions? I want to use my blog in the same way — to attract questions — so I want to see how others are doing this.
    My suggestions to you (and to myself):
    1) Give a bit more detail on how you want questions posted.
    2) Tell posters how their personal information will be used. Will my name or email be revealed on the post? May I use a “username”?
    3) Include one of the WordPress “human being” tests

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